Demo & Quote for ASAP: The Industry Standard in Optical Software


ASAP® is the time-proven industry standard in optical software, offering optical-system designers unmatched capability, flexibility, speed, and accuracy. ASAP accurately predicts the real-world performance of automotive lighting, bio-optic systems, coherent systems, displays, imaging systems, lightpipes, luminaires, and medical devices.

Whether you need to analyze an existing system, or seek to create a new system from your vision, our industry-standard optical simulation software and training resources will help you succeed. Please use this Web form to tell us about your optical software needs so we can provide an overview of products that will meet your needs.

"ASAP gives me the capability to develop my own simulation and optimization tools. Day after day, my ASAP experience is translated into a set of more and more numerous, precise and versatile scripts."

Dr. Emiliano Boccaletti
Optical and Thermodynamic Design, Beghelli S.p.A.

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